Highly Recommended!

We have been working with Redman Accounting Solutions for 2 years and are very pleased with their service.

We highly recommend them to anyone.

Larry, Cincinnati Township

Katie is GREAT to work with!

Katie is always helpful in explaining how things should be done and how I need to do things in the future.
She is GREAT to work with.


Katie has been wonderful to work with!

I really appreciate the videos and training manuals that she has provided for us!
We use them on a regular basis, and they are so easy to follow.

I was not a QuickBooks user before taking this position, but knowing that Katie can hop on our computer
to look at or fix something at any time has given me the confidence I needed to do my job without
being afraid of making a mistake!


Office Manager

Surpassed all expectations of service and reliability.

Redman Accounting Solutions has surpassed all expectations of service and reliability.
They bring the “personal touch” back to professional business service.
A trustworthy source for any accounting questions or problems that arise.


Bookkeeper/Office Manager

Katie is a Super Hero!

Redman Accounting Solutions was there for us when we tragically lost our long-time software provider.

Katie made the transition a little slice of heaven.

Thanks, Katie!!! You are a Super Hero!

Stephanie, Groveland Township

Katie has been great to work with.

Our Township did a complete revamp of the accounting system. Katie’s accessibility and knowledge
made the whole process easier.

I would HIGHLY recommend her to any prospective client and would be happy to be a reference.

Larry, Cincinnati Township

Township Supervisor

Katie made this transition an easy process.

The main thing I have taken away from working with Redman Accounting Solutions is that
change isn’t always bad and, sometimes, it’s for the better!!

Katie’s patience and knowledge made this transition such an easy process. For that, we are truly thankful.

Stephanie, Groveland Township

Admin Assistant/Office Manager

Great at teaching QuickBooks!

Katie was great at teaching QuickBooks and gave good real-world examples. She made it very enjoyable
to learn QuickBooks and never made me feel bad about not knowing accounting. I really appreciated that.

I also received video recordings of our sessions. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these recordings
contain VALUABLE GOLDEN NUGGETS on why things are done a certain way. I can watch the videos
again and still learn from them to this day! I would highly recommend Redman Accounting Solutions.

Diane, Hollis Township


Katie has a very unique combination of professionalism and courtesy.

Katie has a very unique combination of professionalism and courtesy that makes her so easy to work with!

In our 2-plus years of working with her, our books are in the best shape they’ve been in for quite a while.
Our Board of Directors have expressed their pleasure in the change and now have a high level of confidence
in our financial reports. Many processes (such as tracking grant expenditures) have been streamlined
making it easy to generate accurate reports very quickly.



Redman Accounting Solutions was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Redman Accounting Solutions was the best thing that ever happened to me and my two businesses.

Everything was a big mess. Katie pulled me out of it in a timely fashion, beating her own deadline
and making it in time for tax filing.

Lois, Parvati Productions


My tax preparer noticed the difference.

I had a field of accountants that I narrowed to two, and Katie Redman was clearly the front-runner.
I was not disappointed.

She quickly whipped my messy accounts into shape and come tax time, everything was ready.
My tax preparer noticed the change for the better.

Lois, Iyengar Yoga & Parvati Productions


Katie is determined to get things done.

Katie helped us out so much. She took a jumbled mess of numbers and made sense out of them for us.

If you need a bookkeeper, look no further. Katie is the answer to your bookkeeping needs.



Redman Accounting Solutions was the correct decision.

When our township made the decision to outsource all of our accounting/bookkeeping functions
to Redman Accounting Solutions, we quickly found it was the correct decision.

The total accounting processes including payroll, bill payment, and financial reports were streamlined.
Redman Accounting Solutions has expert knowledge of the latest software technologies which
provided enhanced and accurate processing of all the township accounting functions.

John D.

Township Supervisor

Katie has made our transition simple and enjoyable.

We would highly recommend Katie Redman and the QuickBooks program.
It has been a pleasure working and learning with her.

Larry Mayberry, Cincinnati Township


I am happy; the auditor is happy. My only regret: I didn’t make change sooner!

For over 10 years, my auditor encouraged me to switch from Peachtree/Sage software to QuickBooks.
I dragged my heels knowing from prior experience what that conversion would entail, and I did not
have confidence that all would go well.

After speaking with other municipalities and hearing their positive experiences with
Redman Accounting Solutions, I finally made the decision to make the change.
I have never regretted it for a minute.

Katie did all of the setup and provided an excellent support system from a written manual to Zoom
meetings to e-mail updates. Because of her experience and knowledge, she was able to create reports
specifically tailored to my needs, which saves time and frustration each month.




Katie is prompt and professional.

We have been working with Katie for a few months now. It has been a seamless transition.

Holly, Tazewell Animal Protective Society

Executive Director

If you’re looking for detail-oriented service, look no further!

I’ve used Redman Accounting Solutions for a couple of years now and couldn’t be happier.
They are always willing to help out with suggestions and answers to questions. 

Dan Schultz, Auto Additions

I highly recommend Redman Accounting Services. You won’t be disappointed.

My experience with Redman Accounting Solutions has been excellent.

We switched from another software program to QuickBooks, and Katie made the transition
very smooth. She helped me anytime I had a problem.

She is very professional and knowledgeable.

Angela, Sterling Township

Finance Director

I would highly recommend Katie for your QuickBooks/bookkeeping needs.

When our Township realized that we would need to transition to new accounting software,
we inquired of our auditors. They highly recommended Katie, a former employee, because
she started her own business utilizing QuickBooks and adapted it for Township accounting.

Katie did an excellent job of transferring our prior 6 months of accounting information.

She is very patient and thorough.


Office Manager

Help at any level you need.

Katie has adapted the QuickBooks program to meet accounting and government standards for townships.
She will help at any level you need and is a very patient trainer.

Her procedure manual has easy-to-follow steps. It is nice to have the accounting aspect explained and IT help, also. The township I work for chose to have the previous 6 months’ data entered from the previous program, which was a tremendous advantage.



Katie is super easy to work with.

It was easy to convert our old system into the new one because Katie did all the work! Her way of teaching is spot on and easy to understand. She understood that I am not a CPA and put answers into layman’s terms.

Mary, Kickapoo Township

Administrative Assistant

Katie is both patient and thorough!

Our software guy passed away unexpectedly, and we were left wondering what we were going to do. Fortunately for us, someone who use to be our Auditor had branched out with a business of her own supporting QuickBooks for Township Government. Katie not only knows her stuff, but she is able to relay to the common person, who is not an Accountant, in a way you can understand.


Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Excellent training!

Katie started at the very beginning. I had no prior knowledge of QuickBooks and, basically, knew nothing about the program. Within 3 months, I learned so much, that I felt more confident with QB than in my old program (AMS). I highly recommend Redman Accounting Solutions.

Diane, Hollis Township

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Katie is absolutely amazing and a joy to work with!

I began my adventure as Director of Finance in June 2019. I’ve been working with Katie to conduct a major cleanup of our books resulting from a past high turnover rate combined with sloppy accounting. Katie was up for the task! She has not only investigated and helped us to clear up many inaccuracies in QuickBooks, but she has also been in discussions with us to rework and reorganize our accounts. This change will bring better understanding and increased accuracy in reporting for our organization, including our CEO, Board Members, and Center Directors. Katie is extremely professional and also has a way of bringing clarity and understanding where situations are complicated or have gray areas. I absolutely give Katie Redman the highest of recommendations!

Sue, Michigan Dyslexia Institute

Director of Finance

Extremely thorough and organized!

Katie is an amazing asset to my business as she organizes and tracks things that are important yet overwhelming for me to do alone as a small business owner. I highly recommend her services!

Erin Bridges Dow, Sostenuto Arts Polish Pottery


I highly recommend Katie.

Katie has been absolutely wonderful to work with! We’ve had a lot of changeover during the past four years in our Director of Finance position. This resulted in many different ways of entering info into QuickBooks. The result was financial statements that had a low level of confidence by the Board of Directors. Our newest Director of Finance and myself have been working with Katie since June of 2019. Many items have been cleared up resulting in a much higher level of accuracy in our reports. We continue to work with her on the remaining cleanup items, and our intention is to keep her on board with us to do regular reviews of our books. Our Board of Directors is also very pleased with the results and has a much higher level of confidence in our financial reports. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone; she is very professional, pleasant, and easy to work with!

Al, Michigan Dyslexia Institute


Katie is a very professional and patient teacher.

Katie Redman has been a tremendous help to me with changing our accounting system to QuickBooks for the Township. I would not have been able to do this without her (at least not with my sanity intact)! Katie is a very professional and patient teacher. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her! I cannot thank you enough,  Katie!

Michelle Johnson, Limestone Township

Office Manager

Highly recommended!

I would highly recommend Katie for bookkeeping and QuickBooks help! She has been great for our electrical business!

Amanda Cole-Hermanek

(Small Business)

If you are looking for a qualified bookkeeper, look no further!

I reached out to Katie regarding help with my small business spreadsheet. I’m brand new in business and wanted to make sure I was accounting for everything correctly. She took the time to answer all my questions, make recommendations, and help organize my spreadsheet better! 

Caty Winyard, The Wearable Wallet


Katie cares about her job and clients.

Excellent QuickBooks pro-advisor. Katie is an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable. She makes QuickBooks easier to understand. Katie is extremely organized and very helpful. She is trustworthy, honest and checks back to see if things are going well. I would recommend her to anyone!

Stephanie, small business

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have found her!

Breath of fresh air! Katie has been amazing to work with. She was able to help us by entering our inventory and training us on how to properly manage it. She provided training on custom reports using QuickBooks and Excel. She continues to assist us with various clean-up efforts as well as QuickBooks and accounting training. We often have lots of questions which she responds to in a very timely manner, with patience and professionalism. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have found her! I HIGHLY recommend her!

Anonymous (non-profit)

Director of Operations

Katie has been so helpful.

Katie has been so helpful and encouraging to me as I start off learning the financial aspects of running a side business. She is very knowledgeable in her field and will go above and beyond to help her customers. She is ready to answer questions and will find the answers if she doesn’t know them off the top of her head! Katie hasn’t pressured me at all to use her services and wouldn’t accept payment for the consultation call she did for me. I look forward to using her accounting services when my business grows a bit more. Thank you, Katie!

Amanda Gayle Howerton, Amanda Howerton Design