Hiding rows from your QuickBooks desktop reports

Do you have old accounts or $0.00 rows on your reports that you wish you...
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Which QuickBooks for your Township, Village, or other local government unit?

We get this question a lot. There are lots of versions of Quickbooks and many...
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When was the last time you reconciled?

Bank & credit card statements should be reconciled every month to help catch duplicated or...
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Not Another Password!

Admit it. You have at least one post-it on your desk with a password written...
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2 quick password tips

2 Quick Tips for Creating Complex and Memorable Passwords

Passwords don't have to be difficult to remember. Here are two tricks for creating complex...
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Financial Fable: The Most Important Tool For Your Business – The Bank Reconciliation

"My bank account is connected to QuickBooks, so I don't need to reconcile my bank...
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Where Are You Going?

I was waiting for the pest control guy to show up for our annual termite...
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Financial Fable: Trisha’s Money is Hiding in Undeposited Funds

"I don't understand. QuickBooks shows that I made almost $70,000 last year in my business,...
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Blurry old book

Why Fables?

You may have noticed, that until this one, all my blog posts have been a...
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Computer charts

Financial Fable: Jan’s Customers Aren’t Paying

==================================== To: Jan Jackson From: Katie Redman Subject: Monthly Financial Reports ———————————————————– Hi Jan, Attached...
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Financial Fable: Carla’s Income Statement is Showing Reconciliation Discrepancies

To: Katie Redman From: Carla Stone Subject: Reconciliation discrepancies? Thank you so much...
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Financial Fable: Mike the Mechanic Part II – Choosing the Right Accounting Software

“In order to figure out what software will best suit your needs, we need to...
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Car repair

Financial Fable: Mike the Mechanic Part I – Why Every Small Business Needs Its Own Bank Account

“I’m just a mechanic. Why would I need a separate bank account for my shop?”...
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