Not Another Password!

Admit it. You have at least one post-it on your desk with a password written on it. Or a paper in your top drawer. Or under your keyboard. And you use the same password for almost everything (GASP!)


There is an easy way to manage all your passwords.

You need to use a password manager. I finally implemented one a few years ago and it has saved me more time and headache than I could ever imagine.

Believe me, I understand the password overwhelm. Besides the passwords I have for my personal logins, I have business logins, client logins, bank account numbers, ID numbers, security questions to remember…..there are HUNDREDS. There’s no way I could keep that all straight.

So what is a password manager? It’s a website (or app) where you log in with one password, usually called your Master Password. Once you’re in, you can store ALL your other passwords there. Of course, you’ll want to make that Master Password a REALLY strong password that you can remember and enable third-party authentication, which will verify your identity by either a text or mobile app on your phone.

There are many password managers to choose from and some even offer a free plan.

What I love most about using a password manager:

  • I only have to remember ONE password. Ever.
  • It creates complex, secure passwords when I need to create/update a password
  • It reminds me to update passwords that I haven’t changed for a while
  • It notifies me if I’ve used a password for more than one login – which I admit, I was guilty of before implementing my password manager.
  • I no longer have to remember my client’s childhood dog’s name, or their father’s middle name. It holds the answers to all those security questions you have to remember.
  • The mobile app allows me anywhere access to my passwords.
  • Installing the Chrome extension in my browser gives me one-click fill-in capabilities.
  • Secure password sharing with family, employees/contractors, supervisors, or colleagues.

What are you waiting for? I already told you there are FREE plans available. Find one you like and TRY it. You can thank me later. 😉


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