QuickBooks for Townships: Training Library

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Curious about what’s included in our training library?

  • Setting your Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Customize your view in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Payroll Center Overview
  • Intro to the Employee Center
  • Intro to the Vendor Center
How To’s:
  • Add or Remove Employees from a Memorized Report: Payroll Summary – IMRF Participants
  • Closing the Books
  • Correct SUTA Payment (QB Desktop)
  • Create, Customize, and Memorize Reports
  • Entering your new IL Unemployment Rate from IDES
  • Process Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns (QB Desktop)
  • Void & Reissue a Stale Check
  • Void and Resubmit a Rejected Tax Payment (QB Desktop)

Here’s a sneak-peak at one of our videos:

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