Township Transition to QuickBooks

Are You Thinking About Switching your Township to QuickBooks?


We can build a QuickBooks file to make sure you get started on the right foot.


Why Initial Setup is Important

While QuickBooks is not designed specifically for fund accounting, it can be set up to do so.

When setting up your file, it’s important to have knowledge of both fund accounting and Township reporting, as well as understand the inner workings of QuickBooks.

Without proper setup and training, it can be very easy to mix your funds and create a huge mess. Some of our past township and village clients had this exact problem. The client had no idea they had used one fund’s money to pay another fund’s expenses. Cleaning up situations like this is much more costly than making sure the file is set up correctly in the beginning.


Cost & Time Savings

With the right setup and training, QuickBooks is an affordable solution for local governments.

Most of our clients save a significant amount of time on bookkeeping processes when compared to their old system.


What the Transition Includes

When you hire us to set up your QuickBooks file, we will:
  • Assist in purchasing the correct software
  • Set up chart of accounts and fund structure.
  • Set up vendor list.
  • Customize your board reports
  • Set up employees, payroll items, e-payment of taxes, e-filing of payroll tax returns.
  • Enter payroll history for the calendar year so your quarterly and annual payroll tax filings can be generated in QuickBooks.
  • Provide Procedure Manuals (via a pdf download).
  • Provide unlimited phone/email/Zoom support for 3 months following your implementation date.
  • Remotely deliver your file on or near your implementation date. The file is ready to use immediately.



A complete file set up with 3 months of unlimited remote support starts at $5,000.

Cost can vary depending on the previous accounting system or if implementing at the beginning or middle of your fiscal year.


Training Provided

Our priority at Redman Accounting Solutions is to ensure you know exactly how to use the software.

During your 3 months of unlimited support, we schedule Zoom meetings to walk you through everything:

  • Paying employees
  • e-Paying Payroll Taxes
  • Entering Deposits
  • Paying Bills
  • Printing Checks
  • Entering Credit Card Charges
  • Customizing and Running Reports
  • Reconciling Bank & Credit Card Statements

Several Training Manuals are provided in PDF format.

We also provide access to our private Township Training Library during your unlimited support period. This library contains several pre-recorded videos on popular topics. In addition, you also receive recordings of all our live-training Zoom meetings.


Post Implementation

After the unlimited support and training, some clients feel ready to “fly on their own”. Some do not.

In those cases, we offer month-to-month unlimited support for $325 per month.

We also offer limited annual support that ranges between $800-$2,500 per year. Those packages can include a variety of items such as:

  • Email Support
  • Access to our private Township Training Library
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Report Preparation
  • Oversee Bookkeeping (to help keep things clean)


How We Work

There is never a need for us to physically travel to your location.

We work remotely and do not accept paper copies at our office. All documents & files we request for the setup must be uploaded to our secure client portal. Therefore, if you do not already have electronic copies of the items we request, you will need access to a scanner.

All meetings and training sessions are held via Zoom.


System Requirements

If you’re thinking about switching to QuickBooks, be sure to check the System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2023 to make sure your current computer and operating system are compatible.



Several clients were kind enough to send us a testimonial. You can read them here.


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