2 Quick Tips for Creating Complex and Memorable Passwords

2 quick password tips

Passwords don’t have to be difficult to remember. Here are two tricks for creating complex passwords that you can remember.

 1. Make it easy to remember.

Think of a sentence/phrase/song lyric that you can remember. Then use the first letter of each word to create a password.

“Dennis and Mary fell in love on September 13, 1996” becomes DaMfiloS13,1996.

“I always order a hamburger with no cheese and only ketchup and onion” becomes Iaoahwncaokao.

“Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you” becomes Wmsofri.BIchfilwy.

To make sure you’re not reusing passwords, make it specific for a particular website/app:

For your favorite pizza restaurant app: “Pizza Palace has the best thick crust pepperoni and mushroom pizza” becomes PPhtbtcpamp.

Or your new favorite apparel store: “The brown boots I bought from Cute Boutique Store are my favorite” becomes TbbIbfCBSamf.

2. Add some complexity.

Want to make it even more secure? Substitute letters with special characters/numbers that look somewhat like the original letter, such as:

a =
I or i or l = ! or | or / or \
H =
S = 5
B = 8
E = 3
T = +
C = ( or { or [
O = 0 (zero)
and = &
r = ~

Now our examples become:







Do you have any tips/trick for creating or remembering passwords that you’re willing to share?


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