When was the last time you reconciled?

Bank & credit card statements should be reconciled every month to help catch duplicated or missing transactions.  Can’t remember when you last reconciled your bank statements? Watch the video below to find a quick list of when all your accounts were reconciled last. [this video has no sound]   Learn about the author or keep reading! Do […]

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Not Another Password!

Admit it. You have at least one post-it on your desk with a password written on it. Or a paper in your top drawer. Or under your keyboard. And you use the same password for almost everything (GASP!)


There is an easy way…

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Computer charts

Financial Fable: Jan’s Customers Aren’t Paying

To: Jan Jackson
From: Katie Redman

Subject: Monthly Financial Reports
Hi Jan,

Attached you’ll find your monthly financial reports. After you’ve had a chance to review them, please give me a call.

One thing I wanted to bring to your attention is the Accounts Receivable Aging Summary. You have several customers that are two, three, and even one customer that’s four months behind… Continue reading…

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