Financial Fable
"I don't understand. QuickBooks shows that I made almost $70,000 last year in my business, but I sure don't feel like it," Trisha explained. "How could I have made that much but still feel so broke?"
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To: Katie Redman From: Carla Stone Subject: Reconciliation discrepancies? Thank you so much for the QuickBooks training session last week! I especially enjoyed learning about the many reports available! Today...
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“In order to figure out what software will best suit your needs, we need to figure out what’s important to you and your business.
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Car repair
“I’m just a mechanic. Why would I need a separate bank account for my shop?” Mike asked Katie as they walked to a table at the local coffee shop. He had been repairing cars out of his garage for the last 8 months and didn’t really consider himself...
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